Choosing Your Front Door


If you need a new front door, then this is your chance to choose a great one you'll be very happy with. You should take a lot of things into consideration before you choose one you like. One huge factor to consider will be to get a door made from the right material. You can get a front door that's made from different types of material. There are wood doors, fiberglass doors, composite doors, vinyl doors, aluminum doors, and others. Here are some things to know about some of these materials:

Wood Doors– Wood doors can give your home's entrance a nice and natural-looking door. A solid wood door will offer you a strong, secure door that will also be a fantastic insulator, and this means it helps with temperature control and lower energy expenses. They come in many designs and some can have added features like windows made of glass or even colorful stained glass for a nice touch.

Fiberglass Doors – Fiberglass doors are resistant to all kinds of weather issues and they tend to come in beautiful designs that look like wood. They are also both secure and energy-efficient due to the fact they help maintain the inside temperature with the insulation benefits they offer.

Composite Doors – Composite doors are made from a variety of materials that are fused together, including uPVC, glass-reinforced plastic, and timber core. The result is very strong doors that are some of the strongest residential doors on the market. Composite doors do well in extreme temperatures, and they don't fade in color or peel.

Vinyl Doors – Vinyl doors are both strong and lightweight. They will do great in all types of weather conditions and temperatures. Vinyl doors will also maintain their color and appearance for many years and you won't need to worry about painting them because the color will be long-lasting.

Aluminum Doors – Aluminum doors offer a lightweight option that is strong and weather-resistant; it won't rot or rust. Aluminum doors do need to be properly insulated on the inside in order to help with the temperature control because aluminum on its own isn't a material with insulating properties.


Once you decide on the material your front door should be made from, you will be able to narrow things down quickly to the best door. 

To learn more about your door options, including Andersen doors, talk to a door and window supplier in your area.


9 March 2020

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