Myths About Residential Window Replacements


Replacing the windows of a home can be a significant undertaking, but it will often be necessary to keep the property in good condition. Despite the fact that replacing windows can be a common upgrade for homeowners to take, it can be a reality that there is significant misinformation about window replacements, and this can lead to a homeowner failing to make prudent decisions.

Myth: Replacing Windows Only Provides Aesthetic Improvements

One assumption about window replacements is that this change will only provide the home with aesthetic benefits. In reality, aging windows can be a significant source of energy waste because they let more heat and cold out of the house, making it harder to manage the temperature of the home. Additionally, they can also contribute to water damage occurring as small gaps can form that will allow water to get into the home. As a result of these benefits, homeowners should consider whether their home would benefit from having its aging windows replaced.

Myth: Replacing Windows Will Always Be An Extremely Disruptive Project

While the process of having your windows replaced will be a significant undertaking, the actual disruptions that it has on life in the home can be minimal. This is due to the fact that the windows can be replaced relatively quickly. It should take less than an hour for a professional to replace a window. As a result, you will find that the amount of disruption that you experience will largely be determined by the number of windows that need to be replaced. Also, if additional damage is discovered when the windows are removed, this could add to the replacement time as the damages must be repaired.

Myth: All Window Glass Is Essentially The Same

Your choice of glass for the windows will be a major part of picking new windows, but it is one that homeowners will often fail to fully appreciate. However, you can provide your home with a range of important benefits depending on the type of glass that you choose. Insulated glass panes can further improve the energy efficiency of the windows and shatter-resistant glass will be less prone to damage from hail and other common types of airborne debris. These specialized glass panes will cost more than standard glass, but the windows can be an important enough part of the home to justify these additional costs. Due to these benefits, you should consider the windows that will meet your home's needs the best. For example, a home that is located along a golf course may benefit from shatter-resistant glass more than insulated glass.

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12 March 2020

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