Energy Efficiency Tips For Your Windows


Do you have old windows in your home that leak a lot of air? If so, you're likely ready to make some changes to improve the energy efficiency of your windows. Here are some tips to keep in mind when energy efficiency is a top concern for your next window installation.

Tips For Cold Climates

If you live in a region that has cold winters, you'll want to make sure to buy new windows that have double-pane glass and a low-e glass coating on them. The double pane glass is going to have a special gas between the panes that helps insulate your windows, which keeps the inside of your home warm. The low-e glass coating is going to reflect the heat back into your room instead of allowing it to escape through the glass.

Tips For Warm Climates

Hot weather is going to require you to do some different things to your windows if you want to keep the inside of your home cool. It helps to have white treatments around the windows in order to reflect heat away, rather than absorb it. This includes your blinds, drapes, and shades. If you have vinyl windows installed, pick a light color rather than a dark color. If you have wood windows, consider painting the wood a light color. 

A reflective film can be installed on your windows at the time of the installation, which also helps reflect the heat that would come through the glass. Consider installing reflective film on the windows that face south where the sun will come in the most during the day. 

There are other creative ways to prevent the sun from shining into your home all day long and making your HVAC system work harder than normal. Outdoor awnings on those south facing windows will do a great job at blocking most of the sun, all while allowing you to keep your window shades open at all times.

Tips For Selecting Window Treatment

You should close the shades in the summer while you are away during the day so that the sun doesn't come in and heat up your home. In the winter, those closed shades help prevent heat from escaping through the glass. Honeycomb style shades work best at providing more insulation, since their cellular design does a great job at blocking heat transfer. Any other window treatment will reduce some heat gain in the summer, but not be as efficient as a honeycomb design.


17 March 2020

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