3 Rules for Great Looking Window Treatments


Window treatments do more than just cover up your windows. Great window treatments are another tool for decorating your home and creating the right atmosphere in your home. When it comes to choosing and installing window treatments in your home, there are just a few rules you should follow in order to enjoy functional and great-looking window treatments.

Rule #1: Hang the Curtains Above the Window

You should not hang the curtains directly above the window frame. Instead, you should hang the curtains about a foot above the window frame, assuming you have that much space. If you don't have that much space, hang the curtains halfway between the top of the wall and the top of the window frame.

Putting in a little space will keep your window from looking crowded. This tactic will also allow the light to flow in better through the curtains and will allow for more light to come in when your curtains are open.

Rule #2: Allow the Curtains to Touch the Floor

Your curtains don't need to stop at the edge of the window frame. A common decorating tip is to allow the curtains to reach down to the floor, regardless of the size of the windows. If they are the right length, the curtains should kiss the floor or puddle just a little bit on the floor.

Allowing the curtains to go all the way to the floor will frame your windows more. Long curtains will make your space feel larger and more open. It is a nice little trick to make your space feel taller and more open.

Rule #3: Always Layer Your Window Treatments

Finally, you should layer your window treatments. Generally, you want to have at least two types of window treatments on each window. Most people use one type of blind with a curtain on top when choosing their window treatments.

Using two types of window treatments will allow you more flexibility with choosing your level of privacy with your windows. Using two types of window treatments will also keep your windows better insulated, helping with the energy efficiency of your home. Additionally, using two window treatments will better frame the windows in your home.

When it comes to choosing the best window treatments for your home, these tips can hopefully help. Learn more about your options by contacting local companies such as AAA Blind & Shutter Factory.


19 March 2020

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