Clean Windows Benefit You And Your Home


Clean windows do so much more than add aesthetic appeal to your home. Yes, clean windows look nice and add to the beauty of the home inside and out, but do you know the other benefits clear windows offer? Many homeowners don't realize the health and energy benefits associated with clean glass.

Health Benefits

Clean windows do have a positive effect on health and wellbeing. Clear glass allows the sun to brighten your home and your mood. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) affects many during the colder seasons, but studies show that light therapy can help ease  SAD symptoms. Cleans windows mean more sunlight to brighten your home and mood!

Dirty windows can harbor buildup from smoke inside the home. So, burning candles, smoking cigarettes, enjoying a cozy fire and even cooking can lead to smoke buildup on windows, which can lead to unpleasant odors and breathing troubles.

Clean windows are excellent feng shui, too! They are a homeowner's eyes to the outdoors, allowing a clear view of the outside world.

Energy Benefits

Sunlight is an excellent source of heat and energy. During winter, warm sun rays penetrate homes and help heat rooms. When window glass is dirty, it can lower heating efficiency. Dirt particles and film built up on windows reflect the sun's UV rays away from the home, reducing the amount of sun that can enter.

Allowing more sunlight to enter the home reduces the workload on your HVAC system and may help extend its service life. 

Other Benefits

Clean windows are also strong windows. Outside debris buildup on porous window glass reduces its strength. Some common enemies of glass are acid rain, oxidation, and minerals from hard water. Regular window cleanings remove this debris.

Clean windows are a must when putting a house on the market! Sparkling, clear windows add to a home's curb appeal and brightens the interior to give the home a more welcoming atmosphere.

The cost to have windows professionally cleaned is actually quite reasonable. Window cleaning companies may charge by the hour or by pane. Rates generally run between $2 and $7 per window pane. Professionals offer other beneficial services like screen cleaning and removing gunk from sill and cracks, which can greatly improve the appearance of windows and glass doors of the home.

Window cleaning twice yearly is ideal. The cost to clean windows is a small investment when compared to the many benefits!


19 March 2020

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