Adding Siding To Your Home's Exterior


While there are many upgrades that you can make to your home, the addition of siding can be one of the most impactful upgrades that you make. In addition to improving the overall appearance of the house, the siding can also provide a variety of practical benefits to the home as well.

Is Insulated Siding Worth The Additional Costs?

One of the most important benefits that siding can have on your home will be improving energy efficiency. This is due to the siding closing drafts that could otherwise allow the heated and cooled air inside the home from leaving. However, standard siding can still be subject to convective heat exchange, which can allow the heat that the siding absorbs to be transferred to the interior of the home. Insulated siding can avoid these problems as it will have insulation that will help to prevent this heat exchange from occurring. Any home will be able to benefit from these features, but those with older homes will find that this insulation can be especially noticeable as these buildings may lack enough insulation or they may be made of materials that transfer heat well.

How Will You Clean The Siding?

Siding is an extremely durable and low-maintenance exterior for your home. However, there is some basic care the siding will require if you are to avoid discoloration. Cleaning will be the most basic and frequent maintenance that the siding will need. While homeowners may anticipate cleaning the siding to be difficult, it can actually be done relatively quickly if you have the right equipment. In particular, a pressure washer will make it easy to scrub and rinse the siding so that dust that is on it can be removed. If you lack a pressure washer that could be used for this work, there are siding contractors that can offer routine cleaning services for their clients.

Can Siding Be Applied To Materials Other Than Wood?

The assumption that siding can only be applied to a home that has a wood exterior can discourage many people from even considering this option as their home may be made of brick, natural stone or other materials. Luckily, it can be possible for siding to be applied to almost any material that is commonly used with residential exteriors. While this versatility can make siding suitable for most homes, you should always have a contractor assess the home's exterior. This assessment can be invaluable in helping the contractor and homeowner to know the types of issues that are expected from this installation and the steps that the contractor can take to lessen their impacts.

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24 March 2020

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