How to Make Your Windows More Energy Efficient


Energy-efficient appliances can cut down the amount of gas and electricity you use, thereby reducing your utility bills. However, appliances aren't the only things that can be made more energy-efficient. Your windows are one way that heat can get in and out of your home. By making the right changes, you can make your windows more energy efficient. Here are four tips that will help you:

1. Invest in vinyl windows.

Vinyl window frames are an energy-efficient option. Unlike steel and aluminum, vinyl windows don't become hot when exposed to sunlight. They are cheaper than wooden window frames, while still providing many of the same benefits. Vinyl window frames are waterproof, which means they won't swell when exposed to water. This is great news for anyone who lives in an area that gets a lot of annual rainfall. Vinyl windows are precisely manufactured to create a seal that keeps the elements out.

2. Purchase insulated window panes.

Insulated windowpanes can help you keep your home at the desired temperature. They are made by sandwiching a small amount of gas between two sheets of glass. Insulated windows will keep heat from entering your house during summer. They also keep the cold out during winter. Insulated windowpanes fit easily into vinyl window frames, and they can last the lifetime of your house.

3. Check for damage regularly.

Cracked windows offer less insulation than intact windows. Once every month or so, you should take the opportunity to walk around your house and inspect your windows. Windows can be damaged by careless children, moving furniture, or even particularly strong storms. Look for cracks in your windowpanes and window frames. If you catch cracks and chips early, you may be able to have that repaired; this can save you the cost of a full window replacement.

4. Invest in window treatments.

Window treatments can further increase the energy efficiency of your windows. Tinted vinyl sheets can be stuck to your window panes to limit the amount of sunlight that enters your home. Filtering out unwanted sunlight can cool your house, allowing you to rely less on your ceiling fans and air conditioner. Curtains and drapes can also increase energy efficiency. Thick drapes made from heavy materials can block some of the cold air from entering your house, which means your heater won't have to work as hard to maintain the desired temperature.

If you need further information or assistance, contact companies that supply energy-efficient windows.


27 March 2020

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