Reasons To Install Double-Pane Replacement Windows


If your home has old windows that you want to replace, you'll find a plethora of replacement window options available. One of the options that you can get are double-pane replacement windows, and there are a few reasons to invest in these.

Reduce Indoor and Outdoor Temperature Exchange

Your home's windows can be a major source of energy loss, especially if you install inexpensive windows. With little more than a pane of glass between the inside and outside air, single-pane windows (which are inexpensive) offer little protection against temperature exchange. They lose cool air in the summer when it's hot outside, and warm air in the winter when your heat is on.

While double-pane windows won't eliminate all heat loss — no window can do that — these will significantly reduce the temperature exchange.

The construction of double-pane windows is much more than one pane of glass, for they have two panes with air trapped between them. Each pane and the air act as another layer of insulation, and greatly reduce how much heat or coolness escapes from your home.

Prevent Noise Pollution from Coming in

In addition to insulating against temperatures, double-pane windows also insulate against noise. Their noise insulation works much the same way as their temperature insulation, and it can be compared to a single-pane window's noise insulation too.

A single-pane window offers some noise insulation, but the protection afforded is quite minimal. With only one pane of glass for sound waves to travel to, there's little resistance to waves that enter your home.

In contrast, double-pane windows have two pieces of glass and a pocket of air that sound waves must travel through in order to reach the indoors of your home.

Each of the three layers in a double-pane window offers added resistance, and the difference in density between the glass and air further helps insulate against noise. Even if sound waves go through one level, they may get trapped by the next level that has a different density.

While everyone can benefit from a quieter interior, noise insulation is an especially important consideration if you live in an urban setting where street noise is loud.

Many Styles Available

Importantly, selecting double-pane windows doesn't have to limit your choice of window style. Double-pane windows are available in single-hung, double-hung, awning, and other setups. Also, various sizes are available and even custom double-hung windows can be sourced if you need specially made ones.

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30 March 2020

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