4 Awesome Window Treatment Options For Your Log Cabin


When you have a log cabin, you really want to ensure you decorate the cabin in a way that enhances its natural, rustic appeal. This applies to window treatments, too! You want window treatments that are not only functional but that also lend that woodsy, down home look. So what are some good options?

Wooden Shutters

If you love the look of wood and don't think your cabin is woody enough already, consider using wooden shutters as window treatments. While you probably think of shutters as an exterior window treatment, there are interior shutters you can mount inside the window frame. This allows you to swing them shut whenever the light gets too bright and open them up when you want more light. Shutters usually come together like double doors with a latch in the middle to hold them together.

Sheer Muslin Curtains

If you like the idea of fabric curtains, try looking for some made from sheer muslin. This is a very traditional, country-like material and is therefore a good choice for a cabin home. It won't fully block the light from coming through the windows, but it will filter it and give you some privacy. If you want to block light completely, you could pair the sheer curtains with a set of sun-blocking curtains placed underneath them. You would then only see the muslin, but you'd get the light-blocking function of the thicker curtains.

Checkered Flannel Curtains

If you only want to mount one set of curtains, consider looking for a pair made from checkered flannel! They might initially remind you of flannel pajamas, but they're very camping-chic, making them a good choice for your cabin. Flannel is generally thick enough to block substantial sunlight, and you can find it in an array of colors, giving you the flexibility to decorate as you wish.

Wood Blinds

If you want a more upscale look that is still on the rustic side, then look for wood blinds to use as window treatments. You can find thicker wooden blinds for a chunkier look or thinner wooden blinds for a more elegant appeal. The dark wood does a great job of blocking sunshine when the blinds are closed, and the blinds still look great when they're open and letting some light between them.

Outfitting a cabin with window treatments is not as challenging as you might have thought. Consider the options above, and discover your perfect window treatment choice by consulting a professional like Snyders Shades & Shutters




28 April 2020

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