4 Things to Know About Installing a New Pocket Door


A pocket door is a door that slides back into the wall and is often used in areas where you don't have a lot of space for a door to swing open and shut. Pocket doors are a great way to save on space. If you're ready to install some pocket doors to your home, here are four things to know first. 

#1: Make Room for the Door to Recede

When you install a pocket door, you need to make sure you have room for the door to recede into the wall. Pocket doors take up space just like regular doors do; it is just the way they take up space that is different.

With a pocket door, you need the same width of the door on one side of the door for the door to slide back into. A pocket door is hidden within the wall, so you need a wall that doesn't have any plumbing or electrical wires that will block the door's path. 

#2: Build a Custom Frame for the Door

Second, you will need to build a custom frame for the door. The custom frame will have to have enough space for the door to complete recede into the wall. The custom frame will have to be as tall as the room where the door is going. Think of it as building a false wall around the custom frame.

#3: Drywall & Finish the Frame

Once you finish the frame, you will need to drywall the frame and paint the drywall. With a pocket door frame, you are essentially installing a new wall in your home or you are modifying an existing wall by installing a frame inside of it, which will still require you to do new drywall and finish the frame.

#4: Set Up the Track

Finally, you will need to set up a track for the pocket door. Usually, the track is on the top of the frame instead of on the floor. You don't want to put the track for the pocket door on the floor; anytime something gets in the track, your door would get stuck. The track will allow the pocket door to easily slide open and closed.

Pocket doors can save a lot of room but you can also hire a professional to install your new pocket door for you. Contact local home door installers to learn more about your options. 


29 April 2020

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