The Top Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Home Siding Company


Does your home improvement summer checklist include new siding? If you're ready to redo your home's exterior, take a look at the questions to ask before you hire a siding company.

How Much Experience Do They Have in the Industry?

Make sure your contractor is knowledgeable and experienced in this area. Along with the company's overall years of local service, ask the contractor about the individual installation technicians. Even though the company may have decades worth of expertise, a first-time technician may not provide you with the service you expect.

If the siding contractor does employ new technicians, make sure experienced senior employees supervise these installers. This type of mentor-employee pairing (for training purposes) shouldn't negatively affect your home exterior project.

Do They Have Insurance?

A home contractor should have liability and workers' compensation insurance. These policies reduce the financial risk to you. If the contractor doesn't carry both of these insurance types, you may have to pay for damage, accidents, and injuries. These costs could include repairs to your property, repairs to your neighbor's property, or medical bills (for yourself or the contractor).

Do They Have Customer References to Read or Review?

A quality contractor should provide potential customers with references from former clients. These should include specific accounts of the siding services and not general accolades such as, "Great job" or, "Good work." Along with written referrals, ask the contractor for photos of past work they've completed recently in your area.

Do They Offer a Warranty or a Guarantee?

Warranties and guarantees protect you from unnecessary payments due to faulty materials or workmanship. The contractor may not provide a warranty for the siding products they install. Instead, the siding manufacturer may offer the warranty.

Even though the siding manufacturer provides a product warranty, the contractor may offer a labor or workmanship guarantee. Review the details of both the warranty and guarantee with your company of choice before you sign a contract. Some warranties or guarantees fully cover materials and labor, while others only provide partial payments or come with restrictions.

Do They Remove Construction Debris?

What happens with the excess materials or your old siding after the contractors complete the job? Ask the company how they handle anything that's leftover. You don't want to get stuck with a yard filled with scrap home improvement materials and siding. A quality contractor will remove the construction debris, haul it away, and clean the area for you.


21 May 2020

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