Turn Your Home Into Your Own Private Island With Privacy Window Treatments


You've found your dream home, but there's one glaring problem: the home is built too close to neighboring homes for your comfort level. The trend of building homes closer together, especially as land becomes scarcer, is one of the most common complaints of home buyers. 

If the issue for you is privacy, you can still buy your dream home. Privacy window treatments can turn your home into your own little private island. 

Tinted Windows 

In cars, cool, blackened windows are restricted. In your home, you can enjoy the privacy of fully opaque windows. Your view from the inside, however, is unobstructed. While blocking out the glare of nosey neighbors, tinted windows still let the sunshine through. 

At the same time, tinted windows can control the level of natural sunlight and heat entering your home. Tinted glass can lower your energy bills by absorbing heat in the winter and blocking the sun in the summer. 

Privacy Glass

Privacy glass is a window glass or coating that can instantly change a window from opaque to transparent. Owing to its many customizable properties (mentioned above), tinted glass is among the most versatile privacy glass. Privacy glass windows can:

  • control natural lighting.
  • supplement heating and cooling.
  • block harmful UV rays.
  • provide glare protection.

Remote control is providing privacy on demand. Your windows can go from fully opaque to transparent with the flip of a switch. And, yes, you can do that with your home assistant.


Shutters create a window barrier that provides both privacy and protection. The level of privacy and light is easy to control. Shutter configurations can allow for only the top or bottom louvers to be open. Or shutters can be placed on the bottom half of a large window, creating privacy while providing lots of natural sunlight. Curtains, in contrast, are either open or closed.

Many homeowners like the security of having thick wooden shutters between them and passersby. As an interior design element, wooden shutters can provide attractive architectural detail to a room. Whereas curtains and blinds are window decor. 

When adding privacy window elements, consider window design and function room-by-room. And within a room, wall-by-wall. For example, you may choose a darker tint for the sun- and street-facing windows and lighter tint for those in the shade. 

By considering together privacy and energy benefits of privacy window treatments, you can improve your total home environment and comfort. 

For more information on tinted windows, privacy glass, and shutters, reach out to a local window company.


13 July 2020

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