Why Roller Shades Are the Ultimate Choice for a Modern Living Room


If you are trying to craft a modern living room, then you have probably put a lot of thought into choosing the right carpet, the right wall color, and the right decorations. But what about your window treatments? There are so many options out there, but if your goal is to create a simple, modern living room area, you should seriously consider roller blinds. They come with so many benefits over other window treatment options!

1. They're easy to adjust.

If you have ever been in a fight with blinds or struggled to tuck back a curtain, you know how difficult window treatments can be to control and adjust. Roller shades are so much simpler. Pull the shade down, and it comes down. Give it a quick jolt down to release the shade, and it will roll right back up. Many shades these days even come with remote controls. So you can sit on the sofa against the far wall and push a button to draw the shades up or down. You can't get more modern than that!

2. They give you more protection from UV light.

Especially after you spend a lot of time and money on the perfect carpets and decor, you want to protect those items from UV light that can bleach it out over time. Shades offer more protection than blinds since they are solid. The fact that you can so easily roll them up and down means you'll remember to put them down more often, too. You'll save money replacing decor over the years, and your space will look nicer, too.

3. They have a thin, sleek look.

In a modern space, you really do not want bulky, heavily textured window treatments. Roller shades have a very simple look because there's no obvious hardware and there are no strings on the side. The shades will look pleasant, but they won't distract from the other decorations in your living room. You can buy solid black or white shades for a monochromatic look, or you can choose a brighter color if you want the shades to stand out a little more.

Roller blinds are becoming more common these days and for good reason. They offer a nice, sleek look, and they are easy to operate. If you want to protect your decor from UV, they are a premier choice. Look at a few different roller shades to discover which options represent your style.


6 August 2020

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