Repair Or Replace Your Bedroom's Door Frame


Treating a home with respect can sometimes be overlooked, especially in the heat of the moment when a discussion turns into anger. If slamming your bedroom door has resulted in the door's frame coming loose or showing signs of damage, a replacement door frame may be needed.

Avoid Leaving The Frame In Its Current State

A frame is essential for a door's support and will ensure that a door remains perpendicular to a floor and will latch and unlatch upon opening and closing it. If you leave the damaged door in its current state, you could experience occasions in which the door gets stuck inside of the frame and is difficult to open or else the frame may incur further damage, which will result in the door not being usable. Before replacing the frame, assess the damage.

If the loose frame is due to one or more hardware pieces falling out, the holes where the hardware was originally threaded may have elongated when you slammed the door, resulting in the frame separating from the hardware. Use a hammer or a drill to create new holes that are near the original ones and insert and tighten hardware. For frame materials that are bent or split, a new frame is necessary.

Replace The Frame

Many door frames are constructed of wood and contain three pieces that are joined together to form an arc that surrounds the top and sides of the doorway. Use a small sample of the original frame to assist with matching the wood variety when you shop for a new frame. Since doors in homes vary in size, measure one side and the top of the doorway so that your new frame will be a perfect match.

Before you remove the door from the damaged frame, have your spouse aid you with bracing the door so that it does not tip over during the removal process. After removing the hinges and lifting the door from the frame, lean the door against one of the walls in your bedroom. Use a power drill to remove hardware and separate the frame from the entryway.

Clean the wall sections that the frame will be secured to. Line up the frame and secure the hardware. Realign the door and reattach the hinges. Open and close the door a few times to make sure that the door moves swiftly with each action and latches and unlatches properly.

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2 September 2020

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