Impact Doors And More To Improve The Security And Safety Of Your Home


The safety of your home is important, and you may want to make investments for your home. Installing impact doors can be a great investment for the security of your home. Before you have the impact doors installed, though, you need to know how to prepare for these improvements. The following impact door installation information will help you get started with these improvements for the security and safety of your home:

Removing the old doors from openings—The first thing that needs to be done before impact doors can be installed is removing the old doors. Remove the frame from the opening and measure it to ensure the new doors will fit. Make sure that you remove all the trim and any other materials that will get in the way during the installation. Also, inspect the opening for damage and determine if it needs to be reinforced.

Make changes to openings if necessary—If the open is not the right size, you will need to make changes. You may need to close the opening and add new finishes to the exterior where you are installing the new door. If you are changing several doors, you may want to save finish materials. This will ensure changes match existing finishes where openings are larger or smaller than new impact doors. When you are making the door openings larger, it is important to use the right temporary support for structural loads.

Reinforce openings before installing impact doors—It is not going to do you any good to install impact doors if the openings' structural framing is weak. It is crucial to reinforce the opening and structural framing before the new impact doors are installed in your home. Improvements that can be done to the structural framing for impact doors and hurricane windows include:

  • Use structural screws for framing around the door openings
  • Add hurricane straps to structural attics, floors, and foundations
  • Use steel plates to reinforce the wood framing of openings

These are improvements that can be done to reinforce the structural framing of openings where you are going to be installing impact doors or hurricane windows.

Installation and insulation of the new impact doors—After reinforcements have been added to the openings, you will be ready to install the impact doors. The new units will be installed with sturdy fasteners to ensure that they are secured to the structure. Before you finish the interior trim around the doors, also make sure the opening is well-insulated. You also want to make sure that there is caulking around the doors' exterior to stop air leaks that cause energy loss and can problems during storms.

These are some things that you will want to know before installing impact doors and hurricane windows in your home. Call a high impact door supplier for help updating the entrances to your home to ensure it is safe and secure.


13 October 2020

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