Why Install Motorized Shades In Your Home


Thinking about getting new window coverings for your home and want to incorporate a bit of tech into them? Motorized window shades are an affordable and attainable upgrade for your home that can be worth it. Here are some reasons why you may want to have motorized window shades.

Automate When The Shades Are Open

One reason that you may want motorized window shades is to automate when the shades are open and closed. You may want to have the shades on a schedule to let in the light from the morning, but then close the shades during the day so that the sun doesn't heat up your home. Having home automation with your window shades can make using the shades more convenient for you since you don't have to run around the house each day opening and closing the window shades. 

Make The Window Shades More Accessible

Do you have someone in your home who is older and has trouble getting around as it is? If so, they may have problems operating normal window shades. It could be due to the dexterity needed to operate the shades manually. Perhaps they just struggle to get up and walking over to a window. Motorized shades can help make it accessible for everyone in your home to operate the shades with the push of a button. If they can operate a TV remote control then they can operate the shades. 

Make Hard To Reach Window Shades Easier To Access

Do you have windows that are high up off the ground that you want to be covered with window shades, but it normally would be too hard to reach them on your home? It could be windows in a staircase with a very tall ceiling or thin and wide windows that are placed at the top of the room. If you can't reach these windows normally to open and close them without a step stool, then you are definitely not going to reach them to manually operate window shades. Motorized shades are going to make it easy to use the shades on any window in your home. It does not matter if the windows are too high up and inaccessible since you operate them with a remote.

Give The Appearance That You're Home

You may like motorized window shades from a security standpoint. If you automate the shades to open and close at different times of the day, it can give the appearance that you are home when you are actually out of the house. Seeing the changing state of the window shades can make the home appear occupied when you are actually gone on vacation. 


24 August 2021

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