Why You Should Repair Broken Windows Quickly


If one of your windows is broken, consider repairing or replacing that window sooner rather than later. Broken windows can harm your home in several ways if you put off repairs for too long.

Windows provide energy efficiency

Windows are one of the weakest points of a home in terms of energy efficiency. For instance, during summer, poorly maintained windows allow cold air to leak out of your home. A broken window will exacerbate this problem further. The same applies in winter. As you try to keep your home warm, much of the warm air in your home will leak out through a broken window.

And, although broken window repair does require immediate investment, repairing your window today will help you save money on energy bills.

Moisture can lead to wood rot and mold

Even a small crack can allow moisture to penetrate a window. If moisture seeps into your home through a broken window, that moisture will begin to rot the window frame. Over time, this will further damage your windows, affecting their energy efficiency, appearance, and ability to keep burglars and pests away.

If you fail to repair a broken window quickly, mold could also become a problem inside your home. Mold can affect your respiratory health, and affect the appearance of your home, so repairing your windows before mold becomes an issue is advisable.

Broken windows are a target for burglars

Burglars look for weak points when targeting homes to break into. A cracked or broken window will provide a burglar with easy entry into your home when you are at work or sleeping.

Pests can enter through broken windows

Broken windows allow common pests to enter homes too. This will be an especially big problem in the spring and summer months when pests are abundant. One pest that you need to be wary of is termites. If your window can't keep out moisture, and the frame begins to rot, then termites may soon take an interest as they prefer to snack on moist wood.  

Broken windows reduce the curb appeal of your home

Windows are visible to everyone outside your home. Just one broken or cracked window can reduce the curb appeal of your home considerably. If curb appeal is important to you, repair your broken window as soon as you can.

A broken window can affect your home negatively in a number of ways. Don't put off window repair. Call a window repair specialist today to get your broken glass window repaired before any further damage can occur.


18 November 2021

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