The Ultimate Guide To Selecting And Installing Hurricane Shutters


Hurricane shutters are a great way to protect your home or business from the impending fury of a hurricane. Protecting your property not only protects it from the wind and rain damage but will prevent water damage caused by broken windows and doors, which can be one of the major expenses of repairing a property that a hurricane has damaged.

Hurricane Resistant Shutter Materials

Different types of materials can be used for hurricane shutters. The most common are:

  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Vinyl
  • Aluminum

The material you choose depends on your personal preferences and budget. Metal hurricane shutters last longer than wood or vinyl, but they cost more. Wood or vinyl shutters are less expensive but may need to be replaced after a few years. Aluminum is another option, but it is also expensive and does not offer the same protection as metal shutters.

Before you choose your shutter material, think about how long you want your shutters to last and how much money you have to spend on them. Then, consider how much time and effort you want to put into maintaining the shutters throughout their lifetime.

Hurricane Shutter Types

You want to consider factors like the style of your home and the protection it needs when choosing new shutters. Some shutter types to consider include:

  • Single-Hung Shutter: This is a traditional shutter type that has a single panel that slides up and down in a groove. It provides good protection from wind and rain, but it doesn't protect against flying debris.
  • Roller Shutter: This shutter type is also known as "tilt-slats" because it tilts inwards for easy access to windows and doors. Roller shutters provide excellent protection against wind and rain, but it doesn't protect against flying debris.
  • Louvered Shutter: This shutter type has louvers (slats) that move horizontally instead of vertically. The louvers provide excellent protection from wind and rain, but they don't protect against flying debris.

These are some of the different types of hurricane shutter designs that can be used to protect your property. 

What to Expect with the Hurricane Shutters Installation

You probably want to know what to expect when installing shutters on your property. First, your property will be inspected, and you might need to do repairs to some of the openings. After repairs are done, the shutters will be measured and then ordered. The installer will install the hardware and shutters once the materials have been delivered to your property. 

Making sure you have hurricane shutters on your home or business will save you money and protect your property. 

For more information about hurricane shutters, contact a local company. 


8 July 2022

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